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The best No Gi Jiu Jitsu/MMA Shorts (5 Key Factors)

What Makes a Good pair of no-gi grappling or MMA Shorts?

  1. No Pockets

    First of all, having no pockets is essential. Pockets are a hazard and in extreme circumstances can break fingers or toes. Good athletic apparel minimizes the number of hazards present especially in sports where close contact is essential to participation. On this note this why we also have no hardware such as zippers on our training gear.

  2. No Velcro

    This is more of a preference, but it is a strong, well warranted one. Good jiu jitsu shorts have no Velcro. Velcro is uncomfortable and it often fails over time and damages other apparel in the wash. If you have trained long enough, odds are you have experienced prying your favorite rash guard from the teeth of Velcro, leaving imperfections and damage behind Instead of using Velcro we use a well fitted elastic waistband, with an ant slip silicone liner, and an internal drawstring. It is much more comfortable, provided increased longevity, and will never latch on to your other gear in the wash.

  3. Freedom of Movement

    Good shorts do not inhibit movement. There are a number of ways to achieve this. Most importantly we have accomplished this by using a 4-way stretch fabric, a well fitted design, and the implementation of hi-flex crotch region so your shorts always move with you and not against you. While we prefer the aesthetic of ventless shorts, some brands will add vents to the side of legs for increased movement other will not. Regardless of the features implemented into the design, a good pair of shorts will always move alongside you and never against you. The last thing you want when throwing a high kick or inverting under an opponent is resistance from shorts.

  4. Dye Sublimation

    Designs and logos that are dye sublimated. Having dye sublimated designs ensures the quality will last for years and years to come. Unlike other methods of applying logos that may fade or peel over time, dye sublimation lasts the life of the product.

  5. Style

    Finally, having shorts that are a good style are essential. You want to look and feel good on the mats. Finding shorts that are the right cut and style for you go a long way. The launch of our initial fight shorts have a more modern cut and subtle style. Many older shorts will have much longer cuts that go down to the knee. Once the prerequisites are met for a great short, find a style that suits you.

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