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Top 5 Most Impactful JIU JITSU Instructionals

Top 5 Most impactful BJJ instructionals

While we could rank the best BJJ instructionals of all time, we thought it would be more interesting to breakdown the most impactful. So here goes the top 5 Most Impactful Instructionals.

While all these are excellent, this is not a list of best overall, but most impactful, so time of release, purchase, and level of development all come into play

1. Down Under Leg Attacks-Craig Jones

On the heels of an epic run at EBI 14, where Craig Jones heel hooked his way to a contentious overtime loss in the finals, Craig Jones released his first leg lock DVD. This DVD was one of the first of it’s kind. While many finishing mechanics would be updated in the sequel, Battle Tested Down Under Leglocks, the first DVD laid the ground work to many of the heel hooks I first found success with. There are also great details in retaining leg entanglements and countering common escapes and reactions. Also a quick shoutout to the details Craig provides in this free BJJ Fanatics video that increased my straight ankle lock tenfold!

Alternative Leglock DVDs: 
Leglocks: Enter The System-John Danaher
Lachlan Giles Leg Lock Anthology: 50/50-Lachlan Giles

These DVDs are excellent, but being late to the party the impact placed them slightly behind their counterpart from down under.

2. No-Gi Open Guard Series on Grapplers Guide-Lachlan Giles

Grapplers Guide is a favorite amongst the budget conscious student of the game and for good reason. It is encyclopedic in its collection of techniques. It is hard to imagine a hidden treasure amongst an overflowing treasure chest, but Lachlan’s no-gi open guard system is as concise as it is brilliant. He provides instruction on open guards that all link together giving you an easy system to work with. Within this set are several game changing details. For an example of what I am talking about take a look at a free lesson he provides on linking Single Leg X attacks, available here. Now expand this to an open guard system and you have the No-Gi Open Guard Series on Grapplers Guide. Watch him narrate the guard system in action here: Use code LACHLAN to get 30% off the Grapplers Guide and help Lachlan out.

Alternative Guard Instructionals:

The Defensive Guard-Ryan Hall: amazing fundamentals and concepts.
The Z Guard Encyclopedia-Craig Jones:  The Z-Guard was a great quick option to pair with Lachlan’s Open Guard as it will dive into the Z-Guard, De La Riva and Reverse De La Riva.

3. The Triangle-Ryan Hall

It is honestly hard not to put this Jiu Jitsu instructional number one. From fixing my finishing mechanics (get perpendicular, stomp, and curl), to giving me concepts, counters, and set-ups this instructional changed my game. This is why it was largely responsible for all my success very early on in my BJJ journey. There is not a DVD I have seen since that as succinctly covered the concepts and details in this instructional. Hall also provides some of the most entertaining analogies. This can be seen where he brilliantly discusses creating a dilemma. Would you rather get stabbed (swept) or shot (submitted)? These are the dilemmas we need to present to our opponents. 

Check out this hip bump entry that sets up a predicament for our opponents. Get swept or get triangled. The detail oncoming up with the the right leg is a game changer for many triangle entries. Outstanding content.


Alternate Triangle Instructionals:
Triangles Enter The System- John Danaher
Mastering Triangle Chokes: Ground Marshal Submission Grappling-Neil Melanson

One video instructional and one book. Both provide great content on the Triangle Choke, one of our favorites submission in combat sports. 

4. Systematically Attacking The Guard by Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan is a polarizing figure in the Jiu Jitsu community, but his success in No-Gi grappling is nearly unparalleled. Released just a few months before his double gold run at ADCC 2019 this instructional has been well reviewed. It is honestly so in depth and well thought out that it provides you with so many answers to so many situations you may come across, that you will start to find solutions when new challenges are presented. You will find yourself with many new tools in the tool chest if you absorb and drill this with purpose.

  Here is a snippet to check out some the ways he addresses chaining attacks. This instructional occasionally goes on sale on BJJ Fanatics and for a No-Gi Player is worth considering.

Alternatives No Gi:
How to Pass Guards Quickly and Easily Using Leg Attacks-Craig Jones:  Jones’ instructional is a budget friendly approach to head quarters and leg lock entries opened up when passing. 
The Leg Pin Passing System by Kade & Tye Ruotolo: This instructional is short and sweet, but presents a semi-novel approach to guard passing and can work nicely into your system

Alternatives Gi:
Pressure Passing-Lovato Jr
Precise Pressure Passing-Paul Schriener
Ryan Hall – Passing the Guard: A tool box of fundamental guard passing concepts.

These are all cult classics and Lovato Jr and Schriener have new and older versions available with great details.


5. Back Attacks Enter The System-John Danaher

This instructional is one of BJJ Fanatics highest rated and it breaks down a system of back attacks made popular by Danaher’s Athletes. While some of the concepts and attacks are far from novel, the presentation, concepts, and systemization of the techniques are compiled in a way that is top notch. There are several great details on maintaining the position, improving the position, and details about finishing rotationally that make a big difference in practice against stronger opponents. Check out the rotational finish here.

Runner Up: Ryan Hall – Back Attacks: Ryan Hall’s instructional are great. This one is no exception. Good for the Gi-Minded practitioner. I think it is safe to say, practically any Ryan Hall instructional is a safe purchase.

Honorable Mention

High Percentage Chokes: No Gi-Lachlan Giles

Lachlan Giles, much like Ryan Hall, puts out consistently stellar products. This one is no exception. This BJJ instructional provides a succinct approach to the front head lock system along with counters to common reactions and narrated rolling footage. Definitely worth a look. 

Kimura Enter The System-John Danaher

No surprise here, Danaher, concidered by many to be the best No Gi Jiu Jistu coach strikes again. The first DVD alone provides enough nuanced details, that it increased my finishing percentage and control from the Kimura position drastically. Like his other products, this really is an in depth and comprehensive dive into all things Kimura.

Lapel Encyclopedia-Keenan Cornelius

While worm guard is a hotly debated topic among the self-defense hardcores and the sport minded-gi players, there is no denying its efficacy and impact on the modern game. The Lapel Encyclopedia dives into Keenan’s innovative and creative lapel guards in great breadth and is updated occasionally.  Who better to learn from the innovator himself?

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